Christmas Catalogue Links

We are in the middle of organising our Christmas pre-orders from Europe. We will need to have your orders at the latest 26th June 2019. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss these products or place an order in person please let one of our team know via phone 07 3823 3626 or email 
Below you will find links to all of our complete Christmas Catalogues.
We trade with three key industry partners which are Apromo Trading, Alpina Foods and Exclusive Food Houses. Each have a varying portfolio in range, price, product brands and quality. Prices on picture pages are ex GST and you will also find the full price lists below. 
Regards Le'Petit Gourmet 
  1. Apromo Chocolate Range
  2. Apromo Biscuits, Crackers, Cakes 
  3. Apromo Confectionary, Gourmet, Savoury & Tea Range 
  4. Apromo Full Price List 
  5. Alpina Catalogue
  6. Alpine Price List
  7. Exclusive Continental Catalogue
  8. Exclusive Continental Price List