Hugo's Frozen Dog Treats Carton of 18 1/2 Carob and 1/2 Strawberry Carton


Brand HUGO'S

Hugo's Frozen Dog Treats Carton of 18 1/2 Carob and 1/2 Strawberry Carton ($3.85 EACH)?


A single serve, coconut milk based frozen treat for dogs. These doggie ice creams are single serve in a ready-to-go tub - just take it out of the freezer and serve to your doggie customer.

The Half n Half Carton contains 9 Strawberry and 9 Carob doggie ice creams - order with one full carton of Peanut Butter & Bacon for the perfect mix of flavours.

How is dog ice cream different to human ice cream? With most dogs being lactose intolerant, Hugo's ice creams use coconut milk which is great for dog?s health. To get that creamy texture we all love, a small amount of naturally occurring coconut nectar is used in the place of sugar. Delicious flavours are then created using real ingredients - real peanut butter & crispy coconut bacon, pure carob powder & snap-frozen strawberries.

All of Hugo's ingredients are 100% natural, human-grade & approved by a pet nutritionist.

Ingredients: Strawberry: Coconut milk, coconut nectar, strawberries, natural red colour (beetroot powder), xanthan gum. Carob: Coconut milk, carob powder, coconut nectar, xanthan gum.

Hugo?s Ice Creamery is a small, Gold Coast based company created by dog lovers, for dog lovers. We offer a range of single serve, dog friendly ice creams for dogs to enjoy under the table at caf?s, or for fur-parents to pick up from their favourite retail store.

Did you know? Over 40% of Aussie house-holds have at least one doggie family member, and man?s best friend is increasingly becoming more like man?s real baby - so much so that Aussies spending on their dogs has increased more than 90 per cent in the past two years! Serving or selling dog treats introduces your business to a new audience of these high-spending dog owners.


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